Useful Articles

This page will contain articles that I feel may be especially useful (sometimes I do actually write things that aren’t just inane waffle!), either to new mule owners or to anyone wanting to know more about my boys.

A List Of Mule-Savvy Professionals in the UK
find recommended trainers, farriers etc.

Equine Enrichment at Lockwood Donkey Centre
learn more about enrichment

Well It Doesn’t Look Like A Mule To Me, She Said
a collection of different types of mule

Places to Meet Mules in the UK and Europe
wanna ride? Check these places out!

Five Reasons To Get A Mule Instead Of A Horse
…and five reasons not to!

A Glossary Of Mule Terminology
what them there words mean

Advice For New Mule Owners
the best advice from the Mule Tales, all in one place

Top 10 Quotes from Frontier Army Sketches
you will not find a more accurate description of mules

I Want A Mule! Now what?
living in the UK may have stymied your mule addiction. Help is at hand!

Fun Facts About Mules
there’ll be at least one thing you didn’t know in here!

Five Reasons Why Fantasy Writers Should Feature More Mules
why isn’t this a thing?!

The FEI Proposed Rule Change On Allowing Mules To Compete
what it means for mule owners everywhere


The Prophet and his Mule, part one and part two
an account of Duldul, the favourite mule of Muhammad

Mules in Ancient Rome
a brief exploration of mules in Ancient Rome and Roman Britain

Mules in the Assyrian Empire
looking at the importance of the mule in ancient Assyria

10 Images of Mules in History
from 7th century BC to 16th century AD

The Black Mule of Aveluy
a fictional tale about WW1

Canal Mules: Dolly and Dick
the last mule-drawn narrowboat in the UK

Welsh Mules In The News, Vol.1
mule mentions in Welsh newspapers, 1876-1910

4 Mules Mentioned in Mythology
the mules of Zhang Guolao, Palden Lhamo, Muhammad, and Sgoidamur

Mules At War: 1900-1943
a collection of photos from around the world

British Mules in the NewsVol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol.4
newspaper mentions and stories from 1716 to 1811 (so far!)

Mules in Antarctica
not a happy story, but a fascinating one

Tishal, Queen Victoria’s Mule
the Ethiopian mule specially selected from the royal stud of Shoa

Hank the Cabaret Mule
Praise him


The Mule Blogger’s Challenge
a collaboration with Kaisa from Muuliprojekti

Treating Xato’s Eyes
that one time when Xato ulcerated both his eyeballs

Weekly Vlogs (July 2017)
a brief and ultimately boring attempt at recording weekly vlogs

Weekly Vlogs, part two
mule farts are funny

Weekly Vlogs, part three
a through-the-ears special


Mulographer’s Foreward
an initial introduction to the blog

Mule Tales: Marty
Marty’s tale, written in 2016 so in need of an update!

Introducing Xato – Parts 12 and 3
how I met my second mule

The Golden Mule Comes To England
Xato arrives! Pictures galore!

Mule Tales: Xato’s Import Story
the details of Xato’s journey to the UK

Xato and the Miraculous Oculus
a written account of Xato’s double eye ulcer accident

Marty and the Baby Photos
everyone loves baby photos

Team Half-Ass and the Move
we move our herd from England to Wales!

A Farewell To Iris
saying goodbye to our good grey mare


Mule School – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
Marty and I spend some time with Anna Bonnage

Joe Wolter Clinic 2017, part one
in which we are really bad at lorries

Joe Wolter Clinic 2017, part two
leading, leaving and loops

Joe Wolter Clinic 2017, part three
three things I learnt by riding with Joe

Säumertreffen 2017 – part one
Hiking in Austria with a donkey, from Natters to Ellbögen

Maultiertreffen 2018
the second annual mule gathering in Germany