10 Mule Groups To Join On Facebook

If you’re a horse owner on social media, you will probably have encountered the scourge that is equestrian groups. I don’t know what it is about horse people, but put them together in a confined space and, even with the best intentions, fights will inevitably start to break out. Here’s a photo of a horse standing in mud: its entire existence must be mud, this is the only possible explanation! Someone mentions the R (rug) word: here are twenty people to tell you how their horses never wear rugs! There’s a video of someone riding: you’re doing it wrong!

You get the idea. This is why we can’t have nice things.

You might be pleased to hear, therefore, that mule groups do not seem to suffer from the same problems – or at least, they happen very rarely. I don’t know why this is. Perhaps it’s because mule groups are likely to be smaller; perhaps it’s because having mules has taught us that there are many different routes towards a goal.

Anyway, here are some groups that you might like to check out:


Mule Owners UK

A dedicated group for mule owners living in the UK. Lots of lovely stories and insights into life with mules!

Mule Welfare UK – group chat

A support group for the MWUK charity, of which Marty is an ambassador. It can be a little quiet, but it’s a great place to come for advice!

Mule Girls

Sorry lads, this one’s just for the ladies. An exceptional, well-run, and active group with members from all around the world, although the majority of posts are from US residents.

Veterinary Issues in Donkeys And Mules

A really useful resource. A note for UK readers: most of the posts in the group are from American members, and in some areas of the US it isn’t as easy to get veterinary attention as quickly as we can here. Although I don’t condone asking Facebook rather than calling a vet, especially in more serious cases, for some people it’s not actually possible to ring their local practice and have a vet come out right away regardless of whether it’s the weekend or late at night. Just keep that in mind while reading!

Longears & Stuff – Europe

A great resource for UK and European longear owners who may find it difficult sourcing longear-specific gear. Currently, mules for sale are also posted here but I don’t know how long that will withstand new Facebook rules for.

Mule and Donkey Color Genetics

A super interesting group. I have never been able to get my head round colour genetics, but I enjoy trying to understand it and you will find lots of pretty mules and donkeys in here.

Mules, mulets, ânes de selle, de bât, d’attelage, de travail…

A French-speaking group with many European mule owners in it. I love seeing the photos posted here!

Grand Canyon Mule Riders and Wrangler Appreciation

I’m a big time lurker in this group – I just love to see the photos and videos!

Everything Mini Mules

I don’t have a mini mule, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying the pictures and videos of the adorable little munchkins here.

Professional Working Mule

I’ve only recently joined this one, but there are some great pictures and videos of mules doing a proper day’s work from all around the world. The complete opposite of my mules, basically.

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