Mule Tales

Mule Tales are a regular feature on Mulography, and now that I am gathering quite a few I thought it would be useful to have a master page where they could all be found. I also figured it might be handy for people to see, at a glance, which Tales came from which part of the world!


  • Henrietta – born wild in the New Forest
  • Honey – pocket rocket extraordinaire
  • Charcoal – a mini mule who came from a gypsy camp
  • Polo – a distinguished Spanish gentlemen who’s been there, done that
  • Marty – our boy!
  • Phlossi – an all-American agility star
  • Mellie – a pony mule who rules the roost
  • Maisy – a much loved surprise
  • Muffin – a Marty-lookalike who’s finally found his perfect home
  • Queenie, Rueben and Maybell – the ploughing mules
  • Chico – an up-and-coming TV star and all round good guy
  • Mavis – a British-born, Western-style molly
  • Jess – a gorgeous little girl whose mum was rescued by Remus Horse Sanctuary


  • Napoleon – a mini mule and his tiny jockey
  • Mícheál (hinny) – the one-eyed hinny who walked from Limerick to Malin Head, County Donegal


  • Ulysse – a long distance trail mule



  • Moro – a Lusitano mule who was meant to be


  • Django – a much loved trail mule and “personal teddybear”
  • Jillybean – a kindhearted pony mule given a second chance at life
  • Valour – wants to be a cowmule when he grows up!

New Zealand

  • Banjo – a homebred colt out of one of NZ’s wild Kaimanawa horses


  • Moti – a brick kiln mule, whose owner is a Brooke Community Change agent


  • Buckshot – a long distance traveling, cougar-fighting, foxhunting star
  • Zorro – memoirs of a big character on an all mule dude ranch
  • Nilla – a multi-talented eventing and endurance mule
  • Tobe – a gaited trail star and parade hero
  • Rumor – a champion show mule
  • Jo – memoirs of a Curly mule saved from auction
  • Seven – a draft-sized, all round, superstar
  • Ears – an endurance mule who completed the Tevis Cup
  • Flash – a trail mule and up and coming artist
  • Buttons – the original jousting mule
  • Alan – a small but mighty eventer
  • Banjo – a sweet-minded all rounder
  • Chewy (hinny) – an impressive trail mount
  • Missy – the short-eared mule
  • Juanita – the mule who traveled from El Salvador to California
  • Toby Jack – a multi-talented archery, dressage, obstacle and trail star
  • Squealy Bob – a brilliantly named, sweet little watch-mule
  • Rudy – a three bell mule who works extensively in therapy
  • Richard – the mule in charge of a trail-side coffee service
  • Raven – a trail blazer who got her owner back in the saddle after a 24 year break
  • Cocoa – a 46-year-old pony mule and former showring star
  • Mooney – the mounted archery mule!

Import Stories

Muleteer Tales

UK Mule Round-Up

  • November 2016 (feat. Millie, Maisy, Manuel, Honey, Alaska, Betty, Hattie, Henrietta, Inara, Diamond, Chico, Marty and Xato)
  • December 2016 (feat. Willow, Malaga, Honey, Henrietta, Diamond, Luna, Chico, Betty, Michelangelo Xato and Marty)
  • January 2017 (feat. Millie, Malaga, Treacle, Ruby, Flash Jack, Xato and Marty)

If you would like your mule to be featured, or if you have a mule story that you would like to tell, then please contact me either via this blog, message me on my Mulography Facebook page, or email me at: herecirm (at) I would particularly like to hear from UK and European mule owners (purely because Mulography is about owning a mule in the UK), but am very happy to take worldwide submissions!