Shadow Model Horses

Based in Somerset, England, Cyndy Robertshaw of Shadow Model Horses has been handmaking the most charming miniature models of horses, donkeys, and mules since 1973. Made with British materials and fleece from Cyndy’s own alpaca herd, they are excellent keepsakes with an incredible amount of character. I was so excited to be offered one of my own!

A tiny Marty who can live in the house! I was so impressed with the level of detail on him. As well as more obvious markings like his dorsal stripe, Shadow Marty also has the little black ear tips and highlighted mane and tail of his real life version (and his mane and tail are so. Soft). He came parceled in his own neat little box, with padding to protect him in transit.

Naturally, I had to take him outside for a photoshoot (…when it stopped raining. The blue skies in these photos are deceiving, as we’ve had over 100mm of rainfall so far this month and my fields are absolutely saturated).

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