Useful Articles

This page will contain articles that I feel may be especially useful (sometimes I do actually write things that aren’t just inane waffle!), either to new mule owners or to anyone wanting to know more about my boys.

General Mule Articles

A List Of Mule-Savvy Professionals in the UK – find recommended trainers, farriers etc.
Equine Enrichment at Lockwood Donkey Centre – learn more about enrichment
Well It Doesn’t Look Like A Mule To Me, She Said – a collection of different types of mule
Places to Meet Mules in the UK and Europe – wanna ride? Check these places out!
Five Reasons To Get A Mule Instead Of A Horse – …and five reasons not to!

Mules in History

The Prophet and his Mule – an account of Duldul, the favourite mule of Muhammad
Mules in Ancient Rome – a brief exploration of mules in Ancient Rome and Roman Britain

Marty-related Articles

Mulographer’s Foreward – an initial introduction to the blog
Marty’s 5th Birthday – Marty gets a cake and wears a halter
Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Marty! – Marty and I celebrate one year without killing each other
A Positive-Negative Entry – admitting that there is a problem, and making plans to solve it
Marty’s 6th Birthday – Marty has a birthday party
Mule Tales: Marty – Marty’s tale
Blog Hop: The Little Things – a list of stuff I love about my mule (and our horses, too!)
Mule School – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 – Marty spends some time with Anna Bonnage
Marty and the Final Chapter – making the decision to part ways with Marty mule

Xato-related articles

Introducing Xato – Parts 12 and 3 – How I met my second mule
The Golden Mule Comes To England – Xato arrives! Pictures galore!
Xato and His First Punchbowl Adventure – Xato explores the English countryside

General Team Half-Ass articles

Bucket list – things I would like to do
Team Half-Ass and the Agility Play Day – the mules (and Cash) try their hoof at agility
A Bit of a Question – in which I apologise to Ross Jacobs, and he answers a question