Xato goes to Spain

If anyone was interested, the fabled El Dorado can currently be located just outside Barcelona. It turns out that El Dorado is not a city after all – it is, in fact, a mule.

Xato began the first stage of his journey to England last week, loading sweetly onto a trailer and catching a ferry from Mallorca to the mainland. He will be staying there, with many other mules for company, until we are able to finalise dates to bring him home. LOC Transport currently think that they should be able to collect him in the last week of October, and so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Samhain arrival! Samhain (Halloween) was recognised by the ancient Celts as the beginning of a new year, and in modern Paganism gold is one of the colours associated with Samhain; so – as an incorrigible storyteller – I think it would be rather portentous for the golden mule to appear on or around that date.

Why yes, I do elevate my animals to mythological status. I think it’s the least I can do for them.

Xato showing off his new threads. He has a brand new headcollar for travelling in, and a brand new Dually headcollar for riding in! He’s also coming with a golden bridle which I’m pretty sure means he’s actually Pegasus.

The track down to the farm was too narrow for the lorry and trailer, so Xato went to meet them instead! Xanthe says this is how she used to move him between fields.

“Gonna take one. Big. Step.”
“I just gotta think about things for a moment.”
Rear view…
…front view! Hello, cheerful horse friend!
A new adventure begins.

Regardless of when he actually arrives, I hope he’s ready for the vast amount of love I have waiting for him … and for the long line of people hoping to meet him! The field has been exorcised, his first pedicure with us has been booked, a preemptive visit from the osteopath has been arranged, a rain sheet is about to be ordered, our dentist is coming to give him a once over, and Marty has been warned.

We are ready for you, Xato!

It was too dark to turn him out when they arrived, so Xato was tucked up safe and sound for the night.
In the morning, he located the food right away!
Brunch with friends.
New best friend! Apparently they go everywhere together!

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