Vlog: The Mule Bloggers’ Challenge

Have you, dear readers, ever felt like your life was lacking something? Have you ever found yourself sitting on the sofa, gazing at a blank wall, and thinking “Gosh, if only I had 24 minutes of two total strangers rambling about mules to keep me occupied”?

Well worry no more, for myself and Kaisa of Muuliprojekti have teamed up to create this feature-length vlogging extravaganza. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why you spent half an hour of your life on this.

This was inspired by a Haynet #HorseBloggers challenge, specifically the video by Diary of A Wimpy Eventer and Little Bentley Eventing (here). I was too late to join in with the official challenge, but it was a fun idea and so I thought I’d approach the only other mule blogger I know! Many thanks to Kaisa for humouring me and for doing all the hard work of putting the video together.

Warning: maybe don’t watch in front of kids, there are a couple of swear words. 😉

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