Top 10 Mule Instagrammers

If you’re anything like me, you probably love seeing photos of mules. Mules in harness, mules under saddle, mules doing a job, mules doing nothing at all … if it’s a mule, I want to see it! Instagram is a great way of feeding this addiction, and I thought I’d share my favourites with you.

1. Muledragger 

This page is my absolute favourite. I think it’s very easy to see why – the photos, of mule packing in the Bob Marshal Wilderness and Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, are consistently breathtaking. The thoughtful, wise captions just bring the whole thing together. If you only check out one of the links in this article, make sure it’s this one!

A photo posted by Chris 〽️ (@muledragger) on

A photo posted by Chris 〽️ (@muledragger) on

2. Rosamiii

Rosamiii is the Instagram page for Muuliprojekti, the Finnish-based mule blog by my friend Kaisa. I’m not ranking this as #2 out of a sense of loyalty – this is honestly one of my very favourite Instagrams. Sometimes I go onto Instagram just to check this account. Not only does Kaisa take some fantastic pictures, but she always takes the time to write out informative captions, too.

A photo posted by Kaisa Määttänen (@rosamiii) on

3. Trekkingmule

These guys don’t have a whole lot of photos, and their uploads are far from daily, but they earn a place here because when they do share a mule photo – wow! Just wow. Of course, it’s hard not to take a good picture when you have mules in the Pyrenees. You can go on walking holidays with them, using the mules to carry your gear; check their website out!

A photo posted by Trekking Mule (@trekkingmule) on

4. Bishopmuledays

…Obviously. 😛 The Holy Grail of mule events has a fantastic Instragram, too. This is a great page to visit in order to see photos of a whole selection of different mules and disciplines. I love the diversity of images!

5. Mcgeecreekpackstation

You would be forgiven for thinking that mule packers must have the most beautiful jobs in the world – they’re certainly featuring very highly in my list of eye candy! McGee Creek run a packing outfit in the High Sierra, and you can actually go and ride with them – if you’re smart and book ahead of time, unlike myself. While I was traveling through California we contacted Jennifer and Lee Roeser, hoping that they might be able to fit us in, but they were unable to at such short notice and we were unable to stay in the area any longer; however, instead they gave us directions to a nearby field where Lee was working and we were able to go in and meet some of their mules. It was a kind gesture and I was so happy!


6. Muladeirosoficial

The mule men and women of Brazil have a flamboyant style and some thoroughly gorgeous mules. I love looking at their amazing tack and handsome steeds; and they often feature the Pega donkey, too!

7. Meddock_mule_company

Yep … another packing account! I just can’t get enough of the views. Located in California, they offer an insight into some seriously stunning terrain; landscape that tourists might not often see, or even associate with The Golden State. I know I was blown away by how beautiful it is in the rural areas … I fell a little bit in love with California, can you tell?! Accounts like these allow me to explore to my heart’s content.

Unfortunately, the account does not allow images to be embedded and I chose to respect that by not taking a screenshot or uploading the images myself. Please do check them out, though! They are absolutely worth a click!

8. Rideroyalcarriages

Instagram home of Royal Carriages, a mule-drawn carriage company operating in New Orleans. You can also find a sister account, New Orleans Carriages, here. I love both! They have been added to my must-see list in America, and I really hope I can go out there one day and take a ride with them. They use mules because they are best suited to the New Orleans climate!

9. 3mules

3 Mules have been travelling the Western U.S for over 30 years. He lives a nomadic lifestyle and is attempting to educate and alert people to the rapidly dwindling public space in America. I enjoy his Instagram page (he’s also on Facebook, and has a website) as I like to see where he is, what he’s up to, and how other people are responding.

A photo posted by @3mules on

A photo posted by @3mules on


 10. Jarjeermules

It can sometimes be hard to see the condition of the mules and donkeys taken in by this sanctuary, but the knowledge that they are now in a good place for the rest of their days makes me feel so much better. It is also an often humourous account, with great photos in a beautiful setting (they are based in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, near Marrakech in Morocco), and well worth your support.

There is also, of course, the Mulography Instagram account – it hardly stands up to any of those featured here, but if you want some goofy photos of life with an independent mule, then we can totally cater for that…

A photo posted by @mulography on

A photo posted by @mulography on

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Mule Instagrammers

  1. Dee Mullen says:

    Rode a mule for a year in the Peace Corp and 50 years later got my own. She’s from eastern Oregon but now lives in northern California. I love mules and enjoyed your site.

  2. Trekking MUle says:

    We are the TREKKING MULE team, from Spain.

    Yesterday we found your web, and we saw that you speak about us.
    Thanks so much.

    If you visit Spain, come to see our mules.

    Have a nice Autum.



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