The day it all began

I have a few things to write about, but I am running perilously close to my precious sleep time so I’m just going to make a short entry. I know! It’s not my usual forte. But the occasion must be marked because, a year ago today, on the evening of 31st March 2014, my life changed forever – Ben and I decided t0 become mule owners.

Thank you, Facebook, for never letting an event go unforgotten.

The day it began

We wouldn’t meet Marty or bring him home for another two weeks, but I still feel this is an important date to remember as the day it all began.

I mean, look at this lovely creature. Whose life wouldn’t be enriched by such charming, magnanimous company?

Cash doesn’t even know what’s going on. Cash never knows what’s going on. All Cash knows is mud.

What a lovely mule

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