Team Half-Ass and the Game Of Noughts & Crosses

There have been a few quarantine videos going round lately of people playing noughts and crosses with their cats. I thought I’d try it with the mules!

Now, I didn’t have any chalk – or a large enough piece of paper – so I used what items I had lying around. Loo rolls for noughts, empty soya milk cartons for crosses. I’ll put the video below and follow up with some commentary afterwards.

As you can see, Xato is a big cheating cheater. On his very first turn he had TWO goes at once and I was so flustered by this terrible display of unsportsmanlike behaviour that it didn’t occur to me to just replace the stolen treat and reset the game that way. He did the same thing on his final turn, too.

He may have won the game, but he didn’t win our hearts.

Marty was less enthusiastic about the game but at least he was polite enough to wait his turn. Unfortunately, this time I was the cheater because I got confused and thought he’d blocked all moves and played us into a stalemate (which was embarrassing, honestly. I’m used to being outsmarted by mules but not during games of noughts and crosses). I had swapped to rolls for Marty and cartons for me, since Xato had run out of cartons during his go, but if you watch the end of Marty’s clip you’ll see that I place down a carton for myself and then I place one down on the square that Marty chose.

I know, I am ashamed of myself.

Marty already had a roll on the square to the left, and the square to the right was untaken, so he could still have won the game. I will have to give him extra treats tomorrow to make up for my foul and immoral game play.


Xato inspecting Marty’s game afterwards. He knows.


See? Yet another way to cheat. Terrible mule.


I turned my back for 10 seconds and Xato started eating one of the toilet rolls. Would it have harmed him? Probably not, but I didn’t like to risk it. It was up amongst his molars and I had to stick my hand in his mouth to fish it out. Xato is terrible for this and I’ve had to do the same thing with hoof picks and mane combs, all of which have disappeared entirely within that enormous, questing maw.

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