Team Half-Ass and the Face-Pulling Contest

In lieu of anything constructive to say, here is a big ol’ photo dump of the boys being … well, boys. They’re a good bunch. Iris is still on restricted movement and therefore confined to a seperate pen, so they’ve had a solid three weeks of bonding time with no yucky girls to interfere and suggest they do anything sensible. This evening, for example, I arrived to see the mules chasing each other up and down the hill; and then I realised that Xato had pulled a taller-than-me branch off one of the trees and was trying to bash Marty with it. As long as they’re happy…

Marty was very excited by our arrival – I think he thought we were bringing dinner.

Then it turned out that we didn’t have dinner after all but he played it cool and tried to hide his disappointment.
Xato and Ben heading in for a work session. I liked how tail and rope were in sync.
Such a lovely big mule.
Those armoured brows are why it hurts so much when he wants to rub his eye bogies on you.
Aw, that’s nice, they’re being friendly…
…Oh. Oh dear.
*sigh* Boys…
I’m mastering the art of photographing him at an angle that doesn’t reveal his terrible mangy neck (thanks, Marty).
Um … Marty? You alright, dude?
Nice. Real nice. That’s a good look.
Pair of doofs.
I think you’re the only one who found your joke funny, Xato.
Cash is the sweetest little pony, but damn – when he yawns he looks like something possessed. What’s with the horrifying black button eyes and those void-nostrils??
Fortunately, Xato is always on hand to exorcise whoever needs it. Note the tail whip – mules are very expressive with their tails and will deliberately slap you with it if they disapprove of something! Marty has tail-whipped me many times.

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