Team Half-Ass and the Christmas Photos

Few words, many pictures! I’d hoped to do a proper solstice photoshoot on the 21st, but the weather was awful so I squeezed in a quick ‘n’ silly session the following the day instead. I didn’t have time to dress Xato’s mane in holly and oak … maybe next year!

Jingle halter, jingle halter, jingle all the way…

He’s such a good boy!
And a handsome boy, too.
“Wait – wait. Let me strike a pose. Angled leg. Slack shoulder. Pout. Mares can’t resist me.”
“I don’t know what YOU’RE laughing at. Stop ruining my shot.”
“…He’s behind me, isn’t he.”
Apparently a Xato in a hat is a mesmerising sight for a little mule and a mare.
Iris showing a little half-ass.
Trying to keep him at a useful distance was a hard task.
This would have been a good shot if I’d cleaned his crusty eye first.
“Not laughing now, are you, sunshine? Put it on or I’ll tell everyone who REALLY stole my mane.”
Meanwhile, Iris tried on the hat and found it much to her liking.
And Marty got the hat-on-a-stick to contemplate, because I knew he wasn’t going to wear it!
Suddenly, a terrifying occurrence!
But Marty is the bravest of mules, and quickly regained his courage.
It would appear that he thinks I’m patronising him.
And, finally, a post-photoshoot herd meeting to discuss the various ways in which they’ve been violated.

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