Team Half-Ass and Bottom’s Dream

Last week I picked up a Donkey mask (of the Shrek variety) from eBay, for no reason other than because I thought it would be funny. It certainly made me laugh, anyway, but then it doesn’t take much – simple minds and all that.

I was actually really surprised with the herd’s reaction to it. Both the mules immediately wanted to check me out, and although Marty didn’t want me too close to begin with, and Xato chose to lean away from me as though to say, “I’m not with her, honest. I don’t even know her”, neither of them were particularly bothered.

Poor Cash pony was bothered, and had to teleport a few times; nobody paid him much heed. Iris felt that grass was more interesting than some fool in a mask.


Xato looks thrilled.
The end of days cometh.
Marty’s little face cracks me up. I like that he and I have matching hairstyles now.
Bless his heart, he was doing his best to try and figure it out.
This is where we break out into a song and dance number.
Kisses for Marty.
I really am very impressed with him!
Things become a lot more bearable once treats are involved.
This was an interesting moment; after I’d removed the mask, Ben was trying to coax a very worried Cash into understanding that the world wasn’t actually about to end after all. Marty saw Ben approach Cash and rushed forward to stand between them (remember that Marty doesn’t think much of Ben and will usually try to avoid him!), deliberately blocking Ben and shielding Cash. This isn’t the first time he’s helped out when Cash is anxious.
Marty learns what happens to mules who misbehave…
Leaving it on the ground was probably the creepiest thing to do, in retrospect. This reminds me of the time I found three severed roe deer heads propped up on the verge outside a tiny Cambridgeshire village I was riding through. What larks!

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