Marty and the Misty Day

I was on holiday last week, so in lieu of having something to write about I thought I would share some photos I took on Sunday morning. We had some wonderful foggy weather and, as I was up early(ish) to swap the horses over and muck out, I was able to catch the tail end of it. See! There ARE benefits to having stabled horses! Hmm.

Mare and mule have noticed my arrival.

Marty is watching me make his breakfast.
Not that he needs it … before anyone comments, he literally only has a handful of plain straw chaff and a handful of balancer. It’s just a token feed to persuade him that coming into his pen twice a day is a Good Idea.
I find it so funny to compare pictures of him in winter and pictures of him in summer – when he’s all slicked out his head looks really fine, and his body is more horse-like. In winter he turns into a little hairy donkey!
Here is a stripy butt.
This evening when I arrived at the yard, he was already waiting by the gate to his pen. He had one hind leg resting so I assume he’d been there for some time. He knows the routine!
He greets Cash every morning by biting him. I’m not sure why; he doesn’t do it to Iris when she goes out in the evening. I guess Marty’s just not a morning person.
Poor Cash. He never retaliates.
Butter wouldn’t melt…
Cash can have a headshot, too, just because he’s Cash and he has cute fuzzy ears.
And Iris can have a headshot because she is our regal First Lady.

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