Marty and the Groove

This post is entirely thanks to Amanda Rennie, who made a comment on one of my Facebook posts about how she sees Marty as a bit like llama!Kuzco from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. This was SO PERFECT. Spoilt, arrogant emperor who believes the world revolves around him?

I mean, look – sounds like Marty, looks like Marty…

…Yep, still sounds like Marty…

Did Marty write the script?

Here’s Marty having a mental breakdown about … well, whatever latest thing has offended him:

Here’s Marty feeling sorry for himself because a) rain and b) everyone is mean to him the whole time for no reason.

Nothing is ever Marty’s fault. He’s extremely good at instigating trouble and then blaming it on someone else.

And finally … Marty has seen this blog, featuring him and Xato, and he would like you all to remember this:

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