Marty and the Fifth Gotcha Day

Marty (and my ensuing mule obsession) came into my life five years ago, on April 13th 2014! I’m very glad he did, although there have certainly been times when I’ve raged, cried, and tried to sell him. We’re in a pretty good place right now, but I haven’t forgotten the difficulties we had to go through in order to get here and I won’t take what we have for granted.

I thought I’d do a post featuring some video highlights from the last five years:

Marty forgets his tongue (2015)

That time one side of our track was haunted (2016)

Teaching Marty to recognise words (2016)

Marty’s major life accomplishment  (2017)

Marty and Cash playing in the arena (2017)

The donkey mask (2017)

National Unicorn Day (2017)

Marty leaves the yard for the first time in a year (2017)

The mules learn dressage (2018)

Four hours hiking with Marty (2018)

Marty goes litter-picking (2019)

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