Blogtober: My Week In Pictures

Over on the Mulography Facebook page, I’ve been taking part in a month of #Blogtober prompts for #HorseBloggers – the dedicated hashtag for equestrian bloggers set up by Haynet. I saw this as an opportunity to be my usual irrelevant self and have been making short, daily posts on Facebook rather than writing here, which … er … probably invalidates the whole “blog” aspect. Oh well. Mules don’t play by the rules!

The prompt for day 15 is A Photo Diary Of Your Week Last Week and I thought this one would probably work better here.

Unfortunately, it was a really boring week. But perhaps you like boring? This isn’t a particularly thrilling blog so I assume you must do.


We were house-sitting this week. On Monday morning I got up early to turn out their horses and discovered that the fox had stolen one of the leather headcollars and gnawed on it. Thanks fox! Thanks a bunch!


Off to work for the morning, and also to sort our own herd out. Xato is telling Marty off in this picture, because Marty is existing and that’s Wrong.


I had an extended lunch, so was able to do some Actual Housework back at our flat. Amazing! Ben works from home if you were wondering why he’s squirrelled away in the corner. 


Back to the house I’m looking after that evening, and a very long committee meeting over Skype with the British Mule Society. Fortunately my mic was broken, so I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me slurping my pasta. Everything happens for a reason.


Working all day today. Here’s a photo of Marty being Marty when I stopped by to do chores after work.


Still house-sitting. Turned their horses out just as the sun was coming up.


Worked all day again, but as I was emptying the bins I discovered that the neighbouring yard’s chestnut tree had dropped a bunch of burrs into our car park. I went ‘scrumping’ after work.


Hanging out with my boys at the end of the day.


Thursday! My day off! Also my last night of house-sitting! Unfortunately I had to get up at 6am in order to open the electric gates, as there was a hay delivery due between 6:30-7:30. There’s a key fob for the gates, but it was too dark for me to see when to make the second click so I had to walk all the way down the drive. On the way back, I decided to stop and take a photo of the pitch blackness for some insane reason. This is what my flash picked up. Why is there something reflective dashing across my picture taken in the middle of nowhere? Who knows! I just know I powerwalked back to the house pretty quickly!


Morning mules. They got hay today.


I had planned to take Marty out for a walk, but my back was too sore so I just did chores and changed the fencing layout instead. The horses thought I might have given them grass so they went to check; Marty went with them, because that’s what he does, while Xato stayed on the hillside eating hay. Xato is smart enough to know that he could just wait and see if the others got anything better before he bothered leaving a definite food source. Marty seemed to feel rather embarrassed, and on his way back he very deliberately refused to look at or acknowledge me.


Home to do some magazine and social media work.


Suddenly – disaster! A builder from the council came round to inspect our loft! I had no trousers on! I hid in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Ben ruined my clever ruse by greeting the builder at the door and then yelling up the stairs: “SARI. DO YOU WANT TO PUT SOME TROUSERS ON. THERE’S A MAN HERE.”


A lack of trousers is obviously bad for you, because by the afternoon I was feeling pretty unwell and retired to bed early with a Lemsip. 


Off to work on Friday morning – I love foggy starts to the day. The fog did not cure my lurgy, however, and I came home at lunch time and spent the rest of the day in bed.


Accurate gif representation of the rest of Friday.


On Saturday morning I discovered that Xato, who had not seen me for an entire 24 hours, had decided to get the attention back on him by narrowly avoiding yet another eye injury. I have never had such an accident prone animal.


I didn’t take any more photos on Saturday. It poured with rain all day, I worked in the afternoon, I was ill throughout. Here is an accurate gif representation of my distress.


My cat, being cute while I drank my morning tea and ate breakfast. She doesn’t love me, she loves my dressing gown.


Morning mules, also being cute. They don’t love me, they love my fence moving skills.


I worked all day, but Ben stopped by late morning to bring me a chai latte in my Xato travel mug. He doesn’t love me, he just loves making tea.


So that was my very unexciting week. I did consider swapping the prompts around so that I could cover another, more interesting week, but then I remembered that I am a very boring person and this is about as thrilling as it’s going to get. Ah well, consider it a behind-the-scenes – it’s not all farting around playing dress up, or going on hikes / rides! The moral of the story, as with all things, is that Ben is a very good man and I thank him for looking after me and the herd while I was definitely dying from the plague.

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  1. Betty says:

    Definitely not boring, and also definitely funny. Sorry you were ill, I could have brought chicken soup…..


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