A list of mule-savvy professionals in the UK

It occurred to me recently that it might be useful to have a web directory of mule-savvy professionals in the UK. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find someone who has had any previous experience of mules!

Those marked with an asterisk are people who I personally recommend. The rest are people who have been recommended to me by other mule owners in the UK, or are those who I know about via other means. However, please remember that I can accept no responsibility for you using this information: this is a guide, not a definitive registry, and it’s down to you as the mule owner to pick whoever you feel suits your mule best.

If you know someone who should be on this list, or would like to put yourself forward for inclusion, then please contact me at herecirm (at) gmail.com. Thanks!

Online information, UK specific

The British Mule Society
The Donkey Sanctuary
The Three Muleteers
Mule Owners UK (Facebook)

Trainers / Behaviourists

Anna Bonnage * (Devon)
Ellen Cochrane * (Worcestershire)
Ben Moxon * (Surrey)
Sarah Weston * (Hampshire)
Suzanne Rogers * (Surrey)
Jason Webb (Kent)
Michael Peace (Oxfordshire)
Ben Hart (Devon)

Farriers / Equine Podiatrists

Emma Burston * (Surrey / South East)
Vikki Fear (Worcestershire / Gloucestershire / Oxfordshire / Warwickshire)
Laura Fraser (Staffordshire area)
Paul Young (Yorkshire area)
Josh Manning (North East)

Equine Dentists

Bee May * (Surrey / Wiltshire / Berkshire / Hampshire)
Lee Gosden (The Donkey Sanctuary / National)
Adrian Brazier (Midlands)
Mark Twigg (Scotland – check website for location details)


Joe Mackinder (Rainbow Equine Hospital – Malton, York)

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