Five favourite photos of 2015

For want of any actual content, here is a 2015 version of the five favourite photos meme (you can see my 2014 favourites here).

He is actually running around instead of being caught, here … but this is still my favourite photo of him. 

Pretty Boy

Out for a stroll on the common. 

On the Common

This one, because obviously.

This Is Us

My mum worked with pre-school children, so she knows how to handle a stroppy toddler (which I, of course, never was) – and yes, Marty knows it too! 😉 

Mum and Mule

A grooming circle! I love our happy little herd.

Grooming Circle

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Mulographer Sari

Sari was raised by cats which accounts for her solitary nature, occasional mania, and attraction to shiny objects. After riding and being around horses for 22 years, she discovered that she was, in fact, a mule girl and fell hopelessly in love with these extraordinary creatures. She lives in Wales and is married to Ben, who is potentially the best Ben who ever Benned.

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