Five favourite photos of 2014

Friday is a scheduled day off for the mule, so in the absence of any adventures to share (this morning he walked straight up to me and then asked me to scratch his butt; that is all there is to say on today’s interactions with him), have some pictures. I’ve seen a few friends share their five favourite horse photos of 2014, so I figured I’d do a mule version instead. As it was really hard to pick only five, I gathered a whole bunch and had Ben wittle them down for me!

A very shiny mule, back in the days when it was warm enough to wear shorts and bare my pasty legs to the world…

Shiny mule

This was on one of our first walks when I was brave enough to lead him myself (he’s never done anything bad, I’m just an eternal worrier).

An English Mule

I was trying to teach him to wear a rug, which didn’t go down very well; so I backtracked, and tried again with something less threatening. He still won’t tolerate a rug (yet!), but at least he will wear a pink fleecy blanket if I ever need him to…

Hello Mule

The mule is exceedingly good at selfies.

Selfie with mule

…What did I tell you?

Mule selfie

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Mulographer Sari

Sari was raised by cats which accounts for her solitary nature, occasional mania, and attraction to shiny objects. After riding and being around horses for 22 years, she discovered that she was, in fact, a mule girl and fell hopelessly in love with these extraordinary creatures. She lives in Wales and is married to Ben, who is potentially the best Ben who ever Benned.

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