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Team Half-Ass and the Agility Play Day

I think I’ve mentioned my interest in horse agility on here before; Marty and I have played with “wild agility” in the past, back when we were still going out for walks, and once it became apparent that he was … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Chico

Jacqui was one of our early Mule Tale tellers, with the story of her wonderful boy, Polo. Now she’s back to tell us about Chico – you may have seen him recently take part in the Animals In War memorial … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and the Half-Ass Scoreboard

It seems to me that the boys are trying to one up each other in as many trifling ways as possible. For example, last Wednesday we had our EP, Emma, out to trim the herd. As I mentioned last week … Continue reading

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Proposed USEF rule change to allow mules to compete

Did you know that in the US, mules are not allowed to compete in certain events? Under United States Equine Federation rules, they are not considered “equines” and so can not compete in affiliated events. Some disciplines such as endurance, combined … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Banjo (NZ)

I still feel bad about missing out on a Mule Tale last week … so hopefully this gorgeous little guy will make up for it! Banjo lives in New Zealand, which makes him the first of our Mule Tales from the … Continue reading

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Don’t do that with your foot, Xato.

Xato arrived during a particularly cold, wet week in the UK, but this week the climate is a lot more clement for our Mallorquin expat. I’ve actually left him naked for the last couple of nights because it’s been dry and … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and First Contact

My first weekend as a dual-mule-owning-fool has been pretty great. Saturday was a bit of a wash-out (welcome to England, Xato!), but luckily the rain paused long enough for Xato and I to have our first groundwork session before I … Continue reading

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The Golden Mule Comes to England

I hope you can forgive me for another week without a Mule Tale … can I make up for it by sharing a gratuitous amount of Xato photos instead?! It’s just that, if I wait until the midweek slot, I … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and the Week of Waiting

This week, Marty has mainly been teaching me the truth behind that training tip: “If you want your mule to do something, try going away and doing something else for a while”. I guess he thinks I’m not patient enough … Continue reading

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Mules in Fiction

As November is National Novel Writing Month, I thought I would bring you a few mule-related reads for your bookshelf. Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley By Marguerite Henry. A fabulous children’s story, and the last book that the Misty of … Continue reading

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