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Marty and the Groundwork Lesson

The current issue of Horsemanship Magazine features an article and a cover photo from Lucy Chester (you may know her from her Instagram, @haflingeratliberty). I was put in touch with her as a potential contributor via Jenni Winter, who came … Continue reading

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Xato and the Oh No, part two

Gosh, this has taken a long time to write. Mostly because I was recently given the amazing opportunity to run Horsemanship magazine (oh yeh, just a li’l thing I forgot to mention … more on that later), and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and Dem Bones

Marty and Xato’s tumultuous love affair has been interrupted due to the fact that I’ve taken out restraining orders against them both. A little under a month ago, the herd moved over to the front paddocks in order to graze … Continue reading

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