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5 Facts About Mules That You Might Not Know

1. Mules are intelligent, not stubborn. Ah yes, the big one! Mules have unfairly earned the description of “stubborn” due to their high intelligence and strong sense of self-preservation. If a mule does not think that what you are asking them … Continue reading

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Top 5 Spooky Mule Tales

It’s fright night! I bet you thought I couldn’t combine Hallowe’en and mules, but it turns out that there are several mule-related monsters to be found around the world – and I mean actual monsters, not just Marty when he’s … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Buttons

Followers of the Mulography Facebook page may well have seen me mention Buttons once or twice (ha). Medieval games and mounted combat are precisely the kind of thing I dreamed of doing when I got Marty, and so when I found out about Buttons … Continue reading

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Mules in Ancient Rome

In Ostia, an ancient harbour city situated around 20 miles South West of Rome, there are the remains of a 1st century bath-house known as the Baths of the Cisiarii. The name comes from the mosaic in the frigidarium – a … Continue reading

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The Prophet and his Mule

Some time ago, back when I still used Tumblr, I stumbled across an otherwise mule-free poem that contained a line about “Duldul, Ali’s white mule”. Naturally this piqued my interest and I had to find out more. It didn’t occur … Continue reading

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