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Xato and the First Gotcha Day

Xato’s 1st Gotcha Day* was on the 9th November, meaning he’s been with me a whole year! I’d planned to put together a little video compilation, but unfortunately my video maker kept crashing and, to preserve my sanity, I gave … Continue reading

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The Golden Mule Comes to England

I hope you can forgive me for another week without a Mule Tale … can I make up for it by sharing a gratuitous amount of Xato photos instead?! It’s just that, if I wait until the midweek slot, I … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Marty

I don’t have a Mule Tale ready for you this week, but as it was Marty’s second Gotcha Day on the 13th and I failed to write our usual Sunday night article due to an attack of the glooms … … Continue reading

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Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Marty!

Exactly one year ago today, after a grueling five hour journey, we brought a little dun mule home to live with us. Of course, the journey wouldn’t have been so bad had a certain mule not decided to jump the … Continue reading

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