Xato and the Thinning of the Veil

Eek! Nearly two months since my last update? Oh dear! I haven’t even written about our trip to Austria last month, where Ben and I went to attend the third International Pack Animal Meeting. I don’t know where the time goes – I never seem to have a moment where I’m not supposed to be doing something else!

To try and ease myself back into more regular blogging, here is a fun picture post for you. With Samhain / Hallowe’en incoming, I took Xato into the woods behind their field and, with Ben on the camera, we took a few fun shots. I’d meant to do this costume combo last winter, but we didn’t get the snow I was hoping for – so an autumnal scene will have to do!

I’d also wanted to dress Xato up as well, but I was having a bit of a bad day (week, month, year…) and didn’t bother in the end. This was a fun way to see what works in case we have a future, professional photoshoot, however.

I think Xato makes a rather good Samhain mule, travelling the liminal zones as the veil between worlds reaches its thinnest point – but there were, of course, a few out-takes…


That is my throwing knife in his mouth. And before anyone freaks out – don’t worry, it’s LARP safe! Meaning it’s made entirely of foam. He plucked it out of my wrist sheath and then threatened to shiv us if we didn’ t give him any treats (he’s been hanging around with Marty too much).


My mystical stick of mysticalness had a funny smell to it, apparently.
Xato likes tree-mystics. They have treats.
“Bad mule! No snacking in liminal zones!”
Given that Marty doesn’t like my rain-jacket, I don’t know why I imagined he’d be oki with me wearing chainmail.
Just moving the mules, the mystical way.
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Mulographer Sari

Sari was raised by cats which accounts for her solitary nature, occasional mania, and attraction to shiny objects. After riding and being around horses for 22 years, she discovered that she was, in fact, a mule girl and fell hopelessly in love with these extraordinary creatures. She lives in Wales and is married to Ben, who is potentially the best Ben who ever Benned.

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