Useful Articles

This page will contain articles that I feel may be especially useful (sometimes I do actually write things that aren’t just inane waffle!), either to new mule owners or to anyone wanting to know more about my boys.

General Mule Articles

A List Of Mule-Savvy Professionals in the UK – find recommended trainers, farriers etc.
Equine Enrichment at Lockwood Donkey Centre – learn more about enrichment
Well It Doesn’t Look Like A Mule To Me, She Said – a collection of different types of mule
Places to Meet Mules in the UK and Europe – wanna ride? Check these places out!
Five Reasons To Get A Mule Instead Of A Horse – …and five reasons not to!
A Glossary Of Mule Terminology – what them there words mean
Advice For New Mule Owners – the best advice from the Mule Tales, all in one place
Top 10 Quotes from Frontier Army Sketches – you will not find a more accurate description of mules
I Want A Mule! Now what? – living in the UK may have stymied your mule addiction. Help is at hand!
Fun Facts About Mules – there’ll be at least one thing you didn’t know in here!

Mules in History

The Prophet and his Mule, part one – an account of Duldul, the favourite mule of Muhammad
The Prophet and his Mule, part two – a local legend, and mules in Islamic literature
Mules in Ancient Rome – a brief exploration of mules in Ancient Rome and Roman Britain
Mules in the Assyrian Empire – looking at the importance of the mule in ancient Assyria
Canal Mules: Dolly and Dick – the last mule-drawn narrowboat in the UK
Welsh Mules In The News, Vol.1 – mule mentions in Welsh newspapers, 1876-1910
Mules At War: 1900-1943 – a collection of photos from around the world


The Mule Blogger’s Challenge – a collaboration with Kaisa from Muuliprojekti
Treating Xato’s Eyes – that one time when Xato ulcerated both his eyeballs
Weekly Vlogs (July 2017) – a brief and ultimately boring attempt at recording weekly vlogs
Weekly Vlogs, part two – mule farts are funny
Weekly Vlogs, part three – a through-the-ears special

Articles About My Mules

Mulographer’s Foreward – an initial introduction to the blog
Mule Tales: Marty – Marty’s tale
Introducing Xato – Parts 12 and 3 – How I met my second mule
The Golden Mule Comes To England – Xato arrives! Pictures galore!
Mule Tales: Xato’s Import Story – the details of Xato’s journey to the UK

Clinics and Adventures

Mule School – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 – Marty spends some time with Anna Bonnage
Joe Wolter Clinic 2017, part one – in which we are really bad at lorries
Joe Wolter Clinic 2017, part two – leading, leaving and loops
Joe Wolter Clinic 2017, part three – three things I learnt by riding with Joe
Maultiertreffen 2018 – the second annual mule gathering in Germany

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