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Marty and the Bad Day

The mules had a visit from their chiropractor, Celina Harrison, last week. Even though Marty isn’t ridden I still think it’s important to get him checked to make sure everything’s working as it should, particularly after his mystery lameness last … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Xato’s import story

He’s been here for three months so I reckon it’s about time that I tell his import story. As a very brief overview for anyone who might be viewing this blog for the first time, Xato is a Comtois mule … Continue reading

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Xato and the Five Mile Hike

On Saturday we had another fantastic walk in the Punchbowl; nearly five miles of one, in fact! The chiropractor is due out to see Xato on Monday afternoon and the saddle fitter is visiting at the weekend, so we shall … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Juanita

What an amazing story this mule has! Born and raised in El Savador, Juanita and one of her lucky humans, Karin, decided to make the 2,500 mile journey to a new life in California. It took a lot of work and planning, … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and Mucking About in Fields

Lately, Marty has been objecting to using his pen for evening feed. This has been quite frustrating, bearing in mind that he has gone into the same pen to be fed twice a day, every day, since he came home … Continue reading

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Xato and his First Punchbowl Adventure

On Saturday we took Xato and Cash out for a little walk into the Punchbowl and back.

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Mule Tales: Missy

Look at this lovely lady! I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to learn more about Missy the short-eared mule. Her lucky owner, Denise, lives in America but spent five years in the UK where she learnt to drive horses and owned … Continue reading

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Xato and the Littlest Nope

Xato is off work at the moment because I’m a little concerned that he may still be having issues with his back. He has a chiropractor booked to come and see him in just under two weeks time and I don’t … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Question

Five years ago, Ben hosted a UK clinic for an Australian trainer called Ross Jacobs. I had only recently started dating Ben, although I’d known him for years, and so had only recently been introduced to this thing called horsemanship. It … Continue reading

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Mule Round-Up: December 2016

Our second Great UK Mule Round-Up is an end of year special. I asked my mule-owning friends to tell me something about their mules that made them happy or proud in 2016!

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