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Mule Tales: Chewy

Our first hinny! I was under the impression that hinnies were generally much smaller and more horse-like than mules (I’ve had a few people ask if Marty is a hinny), so when I saw Chewy’s photo I was awestruck and … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and the Year in Review: 2016

2016 has been truly horrendous for many reasons … so I feel a bit selfish for saying that, as far as my mules and I are concerned, it’s actually worked out pretty well*. But how could I hate something that introduced me to Xato … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and the Christmas Photos

Few words, many pictures! I’d hoped to do a proper solstice photoshoot on the 21st, but the weather was awful so I squeezed in a quick ‘n’ silly session the following the day instead. I didn’t have time to dress … Continue reading

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Muleteer Tales: Michele

Michele gave us one of our most popular Mule Tales two months ago with the touching story of her elderly lesson mule, Jillybean. I was intrigued by the idea of an all mule lesson barn (we have explored a similar … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and the Empty Bank Account

So, my good and thoughtful mules have realised that I must really enjoy spending money at this time of year, and have conspired to give themselves various maladies and malaise in order to help me spend what little cash I … Continue reading

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The many roads from me to Xato.

One of the things that Xato has given me cause to think about is that, just as there is no single formula for training a horse/mule (you work with the horse you have in front of you, as the saying goes), … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Banjo (USA)

Honestly, you wait all your life for a Banjo and then two come along at once! This time we’re in America and learning about this super cute pair. I had to ask Angela for a Tale because I’d seen some … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and a Difference Between Mules

Work with Xato continues to go really well. He’s just so quick to learn – and then retains what he’s learnt, too! What a bonus! During my more challenging times with Marty, I did have a few people who seemed … Continue reading

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Marty and the Mystery Malady

I had thought that my mules were getting along better; last Monday, the three boys spent their first night out in the same field together and no one lost a limb. I’d turned the mules out with Iris and that … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Alan

Our first spotty mule! Alan is small but mighty, and proves that pony mules can do it too. Mules are not currently allowed to compete in many higher level events in the US; seeing these pictures of Alan and Whitney … Continue reading

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