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Introducing Xato, part one

Xato and I first crossed paths six months ago when my friend, Sarah Weston, sent me an old copy of the IH magazine. It contained an article about her friend Xanthe, the Mule Lady of Mallorca, and Sarah thought I would … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Le continent des Mules

This week we’re not looking at an individual mule, but rather at a whole bunch of mules who live the most fantastic life together in Belgium! Le continent des Mules is a riding school with a difference. Not only are the … Continue reading

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The Little Brown Mule and the Great Golden Mule

Marty has never been to any actual shows, but he’s been doing pretty good in online photo competitions: earlier this year he won me a £10 Derby House voucher, he’s just been named as one of the initial winners in … Continue reading

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Marty and the Enrichment Party

As mentioned in last week’s post, I worried about keeping Marty entertained now that he’s back on our set-up. Part of my attempts to make things more interesting included trying out some of the enrichment ideas I saw at Lockwood. I decided to … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Napoleon

My mule radar went off recently when a photo from Inky Dinky Saddles popped up in my Facebook feed, featuring an adorable mini-mule being ridden by his young jockey. A mule! In the UK! I immediately decided that I would … Continue reading

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Marty and the Ch-ch-ch-changes

So since last week’s post, Marty has moved back onto the livery yard where we keep our horses. This is a shame as I felt that set-up was ideal for him, but it can’t be helped and I am trying very … Continue reading

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Marty and the Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, I saw an advert for a very reasonably priced photoshoot by local photographer, Krsphotography. Ben and I got engaged three years ago but we haven’t got around to planning a wedding yet let alone an engagement … Continue reading

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Mule Tales: Ears

The Tevis Cup is a 100 mile ride in California. The aim is to complete it within 24 hours, and it holds the title as the oldest modern day endurance ride. It has never been won by a mule, although two … Continue reading

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Marty and the Busy Week

Marty has been feeling quite sassy this past week. If I’m honest, I do not like Sassy Marty. Sassy Marty is kind of a jerk. However, Sassy Marty is who I’ve got, so he and I will just have to … Continue reading

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The Prophet and his Mule

Some time ago, back when I still used Tumblr, I stumbled across an otherwise mule-free poem that contained a line about “Duldul, Ali’s white mule”. Naturally this piqued my interest and I had to find out more. It didn’t occur … Continue reading

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