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Marty’s 6th birthday

Alright, prepare yourselves for a photo heavy post! Marty turns 6-years-old on the 1st March, but as the weather forecast is pretty dire I decided to celebrate a day early instead. Now that he’s into the latter half of his … Continue reading

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Marty gets his back fixed

Things Marty has taught me: Patience (and sarcasm – I love standing in a damp field for hours) Humility (“That thing you thought you were good at? HAHA, PSYCH.” ― Marty) To always try and see the good in a … Continue reading

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Five favourite photos of 2015

For want of any actual content, here is a 2015 version of the five favourite photos meme (you can see my 2014 favourites here). He is actually running around instead of being caught, here … but this is still my … Continue reading

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Knowledge of Literature: Nil

Sometimes, I think Marty is a lot like Sherlock Holmes: brilliant, disinterested in the mundane, easily bored and only ever a hair’s breadth from being the greatest criminal mastermind of all time. I like Sherlock Holmes (a lot … you … Continue reading

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The replacement concept

A few weeks ago I purchased The Mule Behaviour Problem Solver, a 2014 compendium of articles by seven of the big names in the mulemanship world: Meredith Hodges, Steve Edwards, Tim Doud, Chris French, Cindy K. Roberts and Red & Julie … Continue reading

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The case of the empty mule pen

When the subject of Marty’s catching issue comes up, I sometimes get sidelong glances and bemused questions such as: “Why don’t you just leave a headcollar on him/take a bucket of nuts out with you/keep him in a smaller pen?” … Continue reading

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A positive-negative entry!

I have been extremely lax about writing here; I had planned to do a big, New Year post to sum up what we’d done and where we were going, but I constantly found myself staring at a blank page and trying … Continue reading

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