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A positive-negative entry!

I have been extremely lax about writing¬†here; I had planned to do a big, New Year post to sum up what we’d done and where we were going, but I constantly found myself staring at a blank page and trying … Continue reading

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Term-time continues

Marty has had a second week of working with Ben, and it has been a really good thing for him. He is doing so well – once again I’m seeing that steady, thoughtful mule behaviour that I love! He still … Continue reading

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An amalgamation of mule happenings

I keep putting off updates because I feel like I don’t have much to write about; this is in part due to the fact that I am not being very proactive at the moment when it comes to mule training. … Continue reading

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A silly day with the herd

Marty was practicing being a grown-up mule today. They were all due to have their hooves trimmed this afternoon, and to make it easier for me and quicker for our trimmer, I decided to bring Cash and Marty in at … Continue reading

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Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Marty!

Exactly one year ago today, after a grueling five hour journey, we brought a little dun mule home to live with us. Of course, the journey wouldn’t have been so bad had a certain mule not decided to jump the … Continue reading

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The glass is half-empty, and so is my halter

So, I’ve had an interesting few days with Marty since Monica’s visit. On Friday, the day after, I went out to the field with rope in hand and the intention of getting to a place where he would allow me … Continue reading

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When mule fell out of his field

The whole herd had their hooves trimmed today, and mule was exceptionally good. It¬†was only the second time he’d ever had his back feet trimmed, but he handled it like an old pro; like our EP said, you wouldn’t know … Continue reading

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