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Planning for the Future

I’m feeling quite excited at the moment, as it seems like I might – at long last – be approaching the stage where I stop talking about all the cool stuff other people are doing / all the cool stuff … Continue reading

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The Little Brown Mule and the Great Golden Mule

Marty has never been to any actual shows, but he’s been doing pretty good in online photo competitions: earlier this year he won me a £10 Derby House voucher, he’s just been named as one of the initial winners in … Continue reading

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Marty and the Busy Week

Marty has been feeling quite sassy this past week. If I’m honest, I do not like Sassy Marty. Sassy Marty is kind of a jerk. However, Sassy Marty is who I’ve got, so he and I will just have to … Continue reading

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Marty and the Good Life

Marty continues to settle in well to his new lifestyle. We’ve gone past the clingy stage, where he began to panic if I tried to leave or would run to greet my return, braying as loud as he could; now he’s in … Continue reading

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Marty and the Great Return

When I wrote my ‘final chapter‘ post a little over two weeks ago, it was with the assumption that Marty would not come home again. The plan had been for him to stay down in Devon with a friend, bills and livery … Continue reading

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