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Team Half-Ass and Bottom’s Dream

Last week I picked up a Donkey mask (of the Shrek variety) from eBay, for no reason other than because I thought it would be funny. It certainly made me laugh, anyway, but then it doesn’t take much – simple … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and Dem Bones

Marty and Xato’s tumultuous love affair has been interrupted due to the fact that I’ve taken out restraining orders against them both. A little under a month ago, the herd moved over to the front paddocks in order to graze … Continue reading

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Muleteer Tales: Stephanie

Something a little bit different for you this week! Since I began collecting Mule Tales seven months ago, the initial template has occasionally been altered to suit different topics. Today sees a new variant, where instead of focusing on a specific mule I interview … Continue reading

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Mules in Ancient Rome

In Ostia, an ancient harbour city situated around 20 miles South West of Rome, there are the remains of a 1st century bath-house known as the Baths of the Cisiarii. The name comes from the mosaic in the frigidarium – a … Continue reading

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Top 10 Mule Instagrammers

If you’re anything like me, you probably love seeing photos of mules. Mules in harness, mules under saddle, mules doing a job, mules doing nothing at all … if it’s a mule, I want to see it! Instagram is a … Continue reading

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Equine enrichment at Lockwood Donkey Centre

We’d planned to go and visit Marty this weekend, but circumstances beyond anyone’s control meant that we had to postpone. So instead we went to see the donkeys (and mule!) at Lockwood, our local RSPCA centre. Ben and I have visited … Continue reading

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Donkeys at the AGM

On Saturday, the British Mule Society held their AGM at Hamerton Zoo Park, home to the Hamerton Donkey Stud. It had been held there last year, too, and I was excited about getting to cuddle baby donkeys again! No need … Continue reading

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A date with Henrietta

Last weekend Ben, myself and our friend Debbie made a day-trip down to the New Forest to meet Sarah Weston and her mule, Henrietta. You may remember Henrietta as the first to be featured on Mule Tales! I love the … Continue reading

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The wild burros of Oatman

At the end of October Ben and I traveled to the USA for a five day clinic with renowned horseman, Harry Whitney. It was a fascinating week and I will definitely write in detail about it soon, once I’m able to … Continue reading

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