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Team Half-Ass and the Empty Bank Account

So, my good and thoughtful mules have realised that I must really enjoy spending money at this time of year, and have conspired to give themselves various maladies and malaise in order to help me spend what little cash I … Continue reading

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Marty and the Mystery Malady

I had thought that my mules were getting along better; last Monday, the three boys spent their first night out in the same field together and no one lost a limb. I’d turned the mules out with Iris and that … Continue reading

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The Golden Mule Comes to England

I hope you can forgive me for another week without a Mule Tale … can I make up for it by sharing a gratuitous amount of Xato photos instead?! It’s just that, if I wait until the midweek slot, I … Continue reading

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Marty and the Great Return

When I wrote my ‘final chapter‘ post a little over two weeks ago, it was with the assumption that Marty would not come home again. The plan had been for him to stay down in Devon with a friend, bills and livery … Continue reading

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Marty and the All-Clear

So, after three vet visits, an xray, and an ultrasound, I’m pleased to say that there is nothing physically wrong with Marty besides the muscle tension that Gavin, our osteopath, detected. Good weather and a new field = one happy, … Continue reading

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Marty gets his back fixed

Things Marty has taught me: Patience (and sarcasm – I love standing in a damp field for hours) Humility (“That thing you thought you were good at? HAHA, PSYCH.” ― Marty) To always try and see the good in a … Continue reading

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Term-time continues

Marty has had a second week of working with Ben, and it has been a really good thing for him. He is doing so well – once again I’m seeing that steady, thoughtful mule behaviour that I love! He still … Continue reading

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A silly day with the herd

Marty was practicing being a grown-up mule today. They were all due to have their hooves trimmed this afternoon, and to make it easier for me and quicker for our trimmer, I decided to bring Cash and Marty in at … Continue reading

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