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Xato and the First Gotcha Day

Xato’s 1st Gotcha Day* was on the 9th November, meaning he’s been with me a whole year! I’d planned to put together a little video compilation, but unfortunately my video maker kept crashing and, to preserve my sanity, I gave … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and Mucking About in Fields

Lately, Marty has been objecting to using his pen for evening feed. This has been quite frustrating, bearing in mind that he has gone into the same pen to be fed twice a day, every day, since he came home … Continue reading

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Team Half-Ass and the Half-Ass Scoreboard

It seems to me that the boys are trying to one up each other in as many trifling ways as possible. For example, last Wednesday we had our EP, Emma, out to trim the herd. As I mentioned last week … Continue reading

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The Golden Mule Comes to England

I hope you can forgive me for another week without a Mule Tale … can I make up for it by sharing a gratuitous amount of Xato photos instead?! It’s just that, if I wait until the midweek slot, I … Continue reading

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Mule School: part three

At the beginning of the month, I took a couple days off work and made the journey down to Devon to visit Marty. As I don’t drive, this was a fairly epic trek that involved six hours of train and … Continue reading

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Marty and the various attempts on his life

It feels like summer has suddenly bloomed. A bridleway, which I last cycled down five days ago, has impetuously lined its already narrow track with handlebar-height nettles – prompting me to perform a one-handed balancing act as I wobble my way … Continue reading

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Marty gets his back fixed

Things Marty has taught me: Patience (and sarcasm – I love standing in a damp field for hours) Humility (“That thing you thought you were good at? HAHA, PSYCH.” ― Marty) To always try and see the good in a … Continue reading

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Catching: a time line of events

Although I’m always dealing with varying degrees of a sore back (I have lordosis in my lower spine and mild scoliosis in my upper spine, because I am a very greedy person), my body appears to be making the most … Continue reading

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Five favourite photos of 2014

Friday is a scheduled day off for the mule, so in the absence of any adventures to share (this morning he walked straight up to me and then asked me to scratch his butt; that is all there is to … Continue reading

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